ok… this is the last time…

21 05 2008

Unless of course I get my own website designed just for me…. I cant take this blog being so difficult to add photos… so please bookmark this one…. Thank you for understanding…



It was 95 by the sea on Friday…

17 05 2008

WOW… we went to a nursery to buy plants and trees and we was sweating so bad… the back of my hair was dripping. We were hiding under larger trees to get shade. I thought I was going to pass out. Monte and Phyllis are here helping us and they were ready to die also… we were going to go jump in the ocean .. but we were starving and decided to go have dinner… we determined where we would go to dinner by who had AC, we walked out of our favorite restaurant because it was so hot!

When we were done eating we ran to Costco to get some salmon , I cant believe that they didn’t have any.. so.. we decided to go to Fred Meyers and buy some tables for the deck and another chair.. we got home and it still was too hot to go into the house… so we sat on the deck in the back and relaxed until it cooled a bit.. right now it is 73 and it is midnight. I know some of you are hotter than that… but come on we live by the ocean with no AC and we are not use to it anymore. lol

I want to update on how mom’s chemo is going… many people have asked.. she has her good days and her bad days… but really she is doing well. Of course she is very tired, and I am sure this heat is not helping. Please keep her in your prayers.

Tomorrow is suppose to really cool down, so we will be busy planting trees most of the day. Have a great weekend.


A couple of cute pictures..

15 05 2008

Click the photos twice to see them larger, not bad photos for a camera phone.

woooo hoooo…

15 05 2008

We are actually having the start of summer… I love it.. I laid out on the deck in my hammock… I have not done that since I lived in Washington… it was so nice.

I think I am coming down with something… I just don’t feel right today.. no desire to do anything, and kinda blah! I have tried to pay attention to when I feel like that… I usually get a cold or a sinus problem when I feel this way… I hope I am wrong. ENJOY the SUN!

83°F | 54°F
88°F | 54°F

Behind again

9 05 2008

I am embarrassed because I have to post my website somewhere and it is pretty boring right now.. I have not been up to updating or redoing the header… but I guess now I better get my buns going. I think that will be a project for next week when I am done babysitting. I made this place mat for one of my grandsons… it will be 11×17 then I will take it and get it laminated… he is so excited about it… now I only have 6 more to make. lol

I have decided to close my coffee cart… no one wants me to, but it is just too much right now… so as soon as I sell it I will be updating regularly, and changing the coffee header to an ocean one.

Ann Elizabeth Latty March 4, 2008

12 03 2008
Ann Elizabeth Latty, 37, of Dallas, Ore., died Tuesday in Salem, Ore. Her husband is Shon Latty.
Annie and her family lived in Reedsport at the time that we lived there, Her husband was one of Robert’s officers.



Born Nov. 28, 1970, in Scranton, daughter of Guy Wood, Dalton, and Janet Henderson Wood, Clarks Summit, she grew up in Clarks Summit and graduated from Abington Heights High School in 1989. She joined the Coast Guard, which took her to San Pedro, Calif., and then to Petaluma, Calif., where she graduated from Yeoman School. She was then transferred to Sandy Hook, N.J. While stationed there, she met her husband and they married Dec. 7, 1991, in Clarks Summit. They were then transferred to Hawaii. While in Hawaii, her daughter Samantha was born. Annie was honorably discharged in 1995 and moved to Reedsport, Ore., in 1996. In 2001, while in Reedsport, her son Jonathan was born. In 2006, she moved to Dallas.

She enjoyed being a homemaker and mother, choosing to home-school her children. She also enjoyed being a puppeteer, translating and teaching American Sign Language, computers, arts and crafts, quilting and church activities. She was an active member of Dallas Evangelical Bible Church, teaching Awana’s, children’s church and American Sign Language and singing with the Women of Praise.

Also surviving are three children, Sabrena Switzer, who attends Oklahoma State University; Samantha and Jonathan Latty, both of Dallas; a sister, Susan O’Connor, Morrisville; two brothers, Glen Wood, Clarks Summit; and John Wood, Hop Bottom; aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews.

A memorial celebration was held Saturday at the Evangelical Bible Church. Arrangements by the Dallas Mortuary Tribute Center. Contributions may be made to a trust fund for her children in care of the funeral home


25 02 2008

It has been a crazy winter…. with two major storms, things have settled down a bit and we are in the clean up mode.. it was nice to have sunshine this weekend people were out in their yards cleaning up debris from the storm, and lots of tourists in town for the Dixieland Jubilee that was at the convention center. Many people in enjoying the sun and walking up and down Broadway, loving it!

Robert and I worked the Dixieland event and it was very busy… I didn’t remember it being that busy last year… we took shifts… Robert worked mornings and I worked evenings. Yesterday since the weather was great Robert took Bug for a long walk… but today we were just too busy.

We are gearing up for another big event “Dorchester” it is held here every year, there can be anywhere from 400 to 600 people. I am going to have to see if I can get some one to come in and work it for me, because I will be out of town. I also have a huge one coming up the first of April with about 3000 people.. yikes… it is called “North Coast Roundup” I have to have 4 extra people to help me.

My sister and her daughter come down to help me last year. it was crazy but fun… (come on Florence you know it was fun). This year I am not sure yet how we are going to handle it.. My mother was just diagnosed with Cancer… we are still in the figuring things out stage so I am not sure when she is going to start chemo. She is having a port put in tomorrow , that will make chemo and blood draws much better for her. Please keep her in your prayers. On Friday she will have a biopsying both breast.. but they are not really sure that is where the host is located at.. I just pray that she is not going to have to be going through a lot more testing because it is getting to her.

Robert of course is always busy, and really enjoys it still. The Mayor came up to me at the Convention Center yesterday and told me what a great job he did at a meeting they had with the community about safety …He said that everyone was so happy to have him here that they didn’t know what they did without him… and please don’t leave. I assured him we were not going anywhere. I will try and see if I can get Robert to sit down for two minutes to type up something to add to my next post I know how everyone likes to hear from him.

I am still taking my quilting class.. and having a good time with it, I have to get a part to my sewing machine before I can finished quilting the top of the first one.. the one we just started is so much fun… it is a coffee themed one.


Deb and the boys… I think mommy has had enough :)

Deb and the boys when they came down to see us for the weekend.. I think mommy has had enough 🙂

Rock and Roll Band I saw while in Washington… :) My granddaughters and friends.

Rock and Roll band I saw while in Washington.. my granddaughters and friends 🙂


I had to show my poor suv while I was in Washington… it is not use to this abuse.


My mom’s surprise birthday party last month… we made her dress as a diva. 🙂


My adorable niece Eleasha… playing a Who from Whoville… 🙂 Your mother said you were awesome girl!

“I can see that you’ve got quite a mind for your age!
Why, one Think and you dragged me right onto the stage!
Now, I’m here, there is no telling what may ensue
With a Cat such as me, and a Thinker like you!”

So says the mischievous Cat in the Hat at the onset of this fantastical, magical, musical extravaganza! Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty (Lucky Stiff, My Favorite Year, Once On This Island, and Ragtime) have lovingly brought to life all of our favorite Dr. Seuss characters, including Horton the Elephant, Gertrude McFuzz, Lazy Mayzie and all of the Whos of Whoville!

So… drop a comment and let us know how you are.